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Arthrokinematische Adjustierung des Beckenrings (Kurzanleitung)

Beschwerden bei Beckenring-Blockaden (Kurzfassung)


Maggi B: Das Sakroiliakalgelenk vor, während und nach der Geburt Seite 1, 2, 3, 4, 5.



Literaturverweise sind als pdf's abrufbar. Sie sind nach folgenden Kapiteln geordnet:

Geschichte der manuellen Techniken

Funktionelle Anatomie des menschlichen Beckens

Abitbol MM: Evolution of the ischial spine and of the pelvic floor in the Hominoidea.

Abitbol MM: Evolution of the lumbosacral angle.

Abitbol MM: Evolution of the sacrum in hominoids.

Abitbol MM: Growth of the fetus in the abdominal cavity.

Abitbol MM: Ontogeny and evolution of pelvic diameters in anthropoid primates
and in Australopithecus afarensis (AL 288-1).

Abitbol MM: Sacral curvature and supine posture.

Abitbol MM: The shapes of the female pelvis. Contributing factors.

Albert H: Prognosis in four syndromes of pregnancy-related pelvic pain.

Buyruk HM: The use of color Doppler imaging for the assessment of sacroiliac joint stiffness: a study on embalmed human pelvises.

Buyruk HM: The measurements of sacroiliac joint stiffness with colour Doppler imaging: a study on healthy subjects.

Damen L: The prognostic value of asymmetric laxity of the sacroiliac joints in pregnancy-related pelvic pain.

Foley BS: Sacroiliac joint pain: anatomy, biomechanics, diagnosis, and treatment.

Loukas M: Anatomy and biomechanics of the vertebral aponeurosis part of the posterior layer of the thoracolumbar fascia.

O'Sullivan PB: Changes in pelvic floor and diaphragm kinematics and respiratory patterns in subjects with sacroiliac joint pain following a motor learning intervention: a case series.

Vleeming A: An integrated therapy for peripartum pelvic instability: a study of the biomechanical effects of pelvic belts.

Vleeming A: Possible role of the long dorsal sacroiliac ligament in women with peripartum pelvic pain.

Wells JC:The obstetric dilemma: an ancient game of Russian roulette, or a variable dilemma sensitive to ecology?

Beschwerdebilder bei Beckenring-Problemen

Albert H: Incidence of four syndromes of pregnancy-related pelvic joint pain.

Albert H: Prognosis in four syndromes of pregnancy-related pelvic pain.

Albert H: Risk factors in developing pregnancy-related pelvic girdle pain.

Berg G: Low back pain during pregnancy.

Bielland EK: The effect of emotional distress on persistent pelvic girdle pain after delivery: a longitudinal population study.

Bo K: Too tight to give birth? Assessment of pelvic floor muscle function in 277 nulliparous pregnant women.

Brynhildsen F: Follow-up of patients with low back pain during pregnancy.

Cherkin DC: Predicting poor outcomes for back pain seen in primary care using patients' own criteria.

Damen L: Pelvic pain during pregnancy is associated with asymmetric laxity of the sacroiliac joints.

Fast A: Low-back pain in pregnancy.

Gutke A: Impact of postpartum lumbopelvic pain on disability, pain intensity, health-related quality of life, activity level, kinesiophobia, and depressive symptoms

Mukkannavar P: Pelvic girdle pain after childbirth: The impact of mode of delivery.

Mukkannavar P: Pelvic girdle pain in Indian postpartum women: a cross-sectional study.

Ostgaard HC: Regression of back and posterior pelvic pain after pregnancy.

Ronchetti I: Physical characteristics of women with severe pelvic girdle pain after pregnancy: a descriptive cohort study.

Sipko T: The occurrence of strain symptoms in the lumbosacral region and pelvis during pregnancy and after childbirth.

Svenson HO: The relationship of low-back pain to pregnancy and gynecologic factors.


Diagnostik von Beckenring-Blockaden (Ilio-Sakral-Gelenk-Problemen)

Chou R: Imaging strategies for low-back pain: systematic review and metaanalysis.

Damen L: Reliability of sacroiliac joint laxity measurement with Doppler imaging of vibrations.

Shadmehr A: Changes in recruitment of pelvic stabilizer muscles in people with and without sacroiliac joint pain during the active straight-leg-raise test.


Therapien, speziell manuelle Techniken

Albert H: Psychosomatic group treatment helps women with chronic pelvic pain.

Cummings J Jr: Minimally invasive sacroiliac joint fusion: one-year outcomes in 18 patients.

Darlow B: The Enduring Impact of What Clinicians Say to People With Low Back Pain

Ferreira CW: Effectiveness of physical therapy for pregnancy-related low back and/or pelvic pain after delivery: a systematic review.

George JW: A randomized controlled trial comparing a multimodal intervention and standard obstetrics care for low back and pelvic pain in pregnancy.

Johnson C: Back to back: postnatal osteopathic care.

Koes BW: An updated overview of clinical guidelines for the management of nonspecific low back pain in primary care.

Lavelle JM: Osteopathic manipulative treatment in pregnant women.

Leung RW: Efficacy of birth ball exercises on labour pain management.

Oswald C: Optimizing pain relief during pregnancy using manual therapy.

Pennick V: Interventions for preventing and treating pelvic and back pain in pregnancy.

Phillips CJ: Chiropractic care, including craniosacral therapy, during pregnancy: a static-group comparison of obstetric interventions during labor and

Sadr S: The treatment experience of patients with low back pain during pregnancy and their chiropractors: a qualitative study.

Srinivas SV: Application of “less is more” to low back pain.

van Middelkoop M: A systematic review on the effectiveness of physical and rehabilitation interventions for chronic non-specific low back pain.

Vleeming A: European guidelines for the diagnosis and treatment of pelvic girdle pain.

Woolhouse H: Physical health and recovery in the first 18 months postpartum: does cesarean section reduce long-term morbidity?

Yuen T: Therapeutic interventions employed by Greater Toronto Area chiropractors on pregnant patients: results of a cross-sectional online survey.


Stabilisierung und Prophylaxe

Beales DJ: The effects of manual pelvic compression on trunk motor control during an active straight leg raise in chronic pelvic girdle pain subjects.

Damen L: The mechanical effect of a pelvic belt in patients with pregnancy-related pelvic pain.

O'Sullivan PB: Altered motor control strategies in subjects with sacroiliac joint pain during the active straight-leg-raise test.

van Wingerden JP: Stabilization of the sacroiliac joint in vivo: verification of muscular contribution to force closure of the pelvis.

Vleeming A: An integrated therapy for peripartum pelvic instability: a study of the biomechanical effects of pelvic belts.


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